Small slab bowl. This was made using a slab of clay which I shaped into a bowl and glazed using under glaze to paint on the flower designs.

Mask. He was not as hard to make as I thought he would be. I like his mustache.

Slab bowl. Just like the small slab bowl, this one was made with a slab of clay and under glazed with designs.


Coil project. This was one of my first projects it was time consuming.

Mugs. These were very fun to make. The white and black splattered one is my favorite. Both were constructed on the wheel.

Pinch bowl. I shaped this bowl into a butterfly by pinching the clay.

Wheel bowl. This was another fun project. I really like how the glaze turned out.

Small coil bowl. I made two of these after I lost the first one and then found it again.

Final. This was my favorite project. It turned out the best out of anything else I made. The bottom was made on the wheel and started out as a bowl. I added coils to it and made a cover on the wheel.